About Us

Baby Stars® is an educational center where children are guaranteed to learn and have fun! Our research-based curriculum was designed by child development expert and author Edith Peisach, M.S. to provide a stimulating, multi-room environment where children laugh, play, and engage in various skill-building activities.

Our proven methodology enables children to become more alert, broaden their attention span and develop their English and Spanish vocabulary. Come and see what all of the buzz is about!


Conceived and founded by Edith Peisach, M.S. world-renowned developmental education expert, Baby Stars® opened its doors in Miami, Florida in the year 2000 with early stimulation classes for children ages 3 months to 3 years, the Mommy and Me Program, currently, My Grownup & Me, was so successful that by the year 2009 it had doubled in size and launched a one of a kind preschool program, Kid Stars™, welcoming children from 18 months to 5 years old.

Baby Stars® continued to expand its horizons and programs, introducing the online preschool program, Kid Stars Online™ in 2020, allowing families from all over the world, to have access to high-quality and guided content for their children, for when the on-site preschool experience is not an option; and the launch on fall 2022, of the Kindergarten program: Kinder Stars™, that meets and exceeds Florida’s Kindergarten State Standars.

With a generation of children that enjoy the support of their parents like no other, a state of the art curriculum, a well-rounded knowledgeable, and loving team of teachers, a community of caregivers who understand that the first years of their children’s life are the most critical ones to enrich their development, and a Founder and Director with a passion for education, Baby Stars® will continue to nurture children for generations to come.

Our Mission

Baby Stars® prepares children for a multicultural world in the 21st century. We focus on each child’s learning and problem-solving abilities, motor skills, body awareness, attention span, and social-emotional development and interaction. All children benefit from play and exploration with parents and teachers in a stimulating, didactic environment where their interests and motivations are our first priority.

Founder and Director

Edith Peisach,M.S. is a world-renowned developmental education expert and author who in the last 20 years developed a unique and proven method to enhance children’s learning abilities.

Holding a Master of Science degree in Special Education and a Bachelor of Science in Educational Psychology, Edith Peisach has also completed extensive postgraduate integration, including developmental learning disorders.

She currently directs Baby Stars®, Kid Stars™, and Kinder Stars™ Miami for the My Grownup & Me, Preschool, and Kindergarten programs correspondingly, and the recent release of the Kid Stars Online preschool for families across the globe. Her future projects include the continued expansion of Baby Stars®, Kid Stars™, and Kinder Stars™, and releasing online tools for parents to use as guides during the various developmental stages of a baby’s first years of life.
As an educator, author and mother of three, Edith Peisach’s passion for education runs deep. In her words, “Children are the leaders of tomorrow, it’s our responsibility to exercise their minds to ensure that they will be well adjusted, reflexive, and intuitive.”