Kid Stars Online

The Kid Stars™ Online Preschool is a bilingual, progressive, effective and engaging hands-on philosophy.

We combine a thematic curriculum, where children follow our instructional videos, created and designed by us to stimulate emotional, cognitive, social, cultural, and physical growth.

We have a hands-on approach to ensure that each child will master every subject.

How It Works

Our learning platform features safe, ad-free, and easy-to-navigate lessons

Children can spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 and a half hours a day, five days a week.

Engaging instructional videos will guide children through each hands-on lesson.

About The Lessons

Our thematic curriculum has been divided by areas of development that make it easier for children to get into a learning mood, and get familiar with the teachers and to know what’s expected from each lesson. Lessons are designed to build skills over time, the same as they will experience in any other classroom.

Children can mark lessons as completed after they are done to keep track of their progress.

How Long are The Videos?

What To Expect



About The Subscription

Our $49 monthly subscription will give you access to:

Certificate Of Completion

At the end of the school year, your child will get a completion certificate that will get parents and children feeling proud for all the hard work.

Questions About The Platform Or An Activity?

We are here to help and assist you in every way possible. We’ll make it easy for you to communicate by email with the Kid Stars Early Learning Counselor, who will be able to guide you on a course of action.

How About Assessments?

We don’t provide an assessment tool as part of our online program.
However, if you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress, you can directly get in contact with us so we can better support and guide you.
Kid Stars Online does not evaluate children.

Committed To Improve

We welcome and appreciate your feedback, that’s the only way to move forward and make it possible for us to deliver high quality and accessible education to your home.

After registration and login, click the ALL COURSES button on the top menu to choose the course that matches your child’s age.